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Chapter 14 Just Ran Away, Where Did Your Master Go?

Ye Qingxuan felt helpless, knowing they would think this way. Initially, she hadnt even considered troubling Jiang Minghan.

She knew this was a small matter and certainly didnt warrant the Masters personal intervention.

Dont blame Qingxuan. I decided to help her with this matter.

Jiang Minghan waved his hand and said with a light smile, dispelling their doubts.

Whether its Qingxuan or any of you, if you encounter trouble and I have the time, I can help you resolve it. As your Master, its my duty to care for your issues, not avoid them because they seem troublesome.

Youve been following me for a long time, and during this period, Ive been focused on my cultivation and rarely inquired about your affairs.

He spoke warmly, his eyes gentle and natural, exuding an extraordinary aura.


Hearing this, the many followers on the ancient warship, including Ye Qingxuan, were stunned, their faces showing deep gratitude.

To them, this seemed like a trivial matter.

Yet Jiang Minghan was willing to spend his precious time to personally help them.

This showed he didnt just see them as mere followers.

With Masters words, I swear to follow Master for life. We will follow Master in conquering various realms and breaking through the immortal path.

With a unified thud, the followers knelt and swore, their expressions filled with fervent reverence.

Jiang Minghan lightly waved his hand, telling them to rise. No need for this.

They were just words; if they took them seriously, he would pretend he never said them.

As long as it didnt harm his interests, everything was fine. Otherwise, no amount of words would matter.

If he werent interested in that potential Son of Luck, he wouldnt have gone to such lengths.

Boom! Boom! Boom!!

Soon, the ancient warship sped through the sky, crossing many Dao Domains, heading towards Chiyan Ancient Star.


Master, are you sure this is okay? Im a bit worried

After all, Ye Qingxuan reportedly joined the Cangxuan Dao Academy shortly after being accepted as a true disciple and was then taken as a follower by the young master of the hidden immortal clan, the Jiang family.

If I openly confront her, what if the young master of the hidden immortal clan backs her up?

On Chiyan Ancient Star, in an ancient city.

In a secluded courtyard.

A young man with a slightly dark complexion frowned and asked.

Before him, an old man in a black robe sat cross-legged, wisps of black mist swirling around him.

With each breath, he inhaled and exhaled it through his nose and mouth.

You overestimate yourself. Someone of that status wouldnt waste time on an ant like you.

They wouldnt bother to squash you.

Hearing this, the black-robed elder opened his eyes, unmasking his sarcasm.

You just need to focus on dealing with Ye Qingxuan when she returns. Leave the rest to me.

She probably wouldnt dare bother the young master of the hidden immortal clan with such a trivial issue. At most, shed seek permission and leave.

I understand, Master. But how do you know so much about these things?

The dark-complexioned young man, named Ye Xuan, asked, still puzzled.

He was an unremarkable member of the Ye familys branch.

During an herb-gathering trip up the mountain, he stumbled upon a cave and found a broken jade pendant.

Within the pendant resided the remnant soul of his current master.

The rest was simple. He took the remnant soul as his master.

With his masters guidance, he progressed rapidly, soon surpassing many Ye family disciples and winning the family competition.

Now, his plan to seek justice from Ye Qingxuan was his masters arrangement.

Personally, Ye Xuan was unwilling to offend the entire Ye family.

Learning that Ye Qingxuan was a follower of the hidden immortal clans young master scared him.

How could he dare to seek revenge?

Dont concern yourself with that. I have my arrangements. Just follow my instructions.

The black-robed elder glanced at him, showing impatience.

Yes, Master. Hearing this, Ye Xuan retreated, still confused.

This fool is useless.

After Ye Xuan left, the black-robed elder frowned.

Looking at his current body, he muttered, This body needs replacing. But it should last until Ye Qingxuan returns.

As one of the top Tianjiao on Chiyan Ancient Star and a disciple of the Cangxuan Dao Academy, she must be exceptional. Though not as good as my original body, itll do. Once my soul is fully restored, I can re-forge my body.

When I regain my peak, retrieve that item, and settle the score with you, dear senior sister

His eyes filled with chilling killing intent, as if freezing the surrounding air.

Suddenly, his expression changed, sensing something.


How is this possible?Fll0w current novls on n/o/(v)/3l/b((in).(co/m)

Boom! Boom! Boom!!

A terrifying noise shook the sky.

The entire citys cultivators and beings looked up in horror.

An ancient warship hovered above, like a divine mountain, emitting a terrifying aura.

Master, Master, somethings wrong

Ye Xuan, pale and terrified, stumbled in, his voice shaking with fear.

He recognized the ancient Jiang character on the warship, nearly scaring his soul away.

Earlier, he worried about seeking justice from Ye Qingxuan and provoking the hidden immortal clans support.

Now, looking up, he saw an ancient warship descending.

He was stunned, his legs weak.

Master, Master Where did you go

To his greater despair, his master, his last hope, had vanished without a trace, disappearing with unbelievable speed.

He collapsed, feeling the world darken and collapse.

So, this is the young man who planned to seek revenge?

Soon after, on the ancient warship,

Jiang Minghan raised an eyebrow, looking at the terrified, speechless dark-complexioned young man, shaking his head.

He had overestimated his luck in finding a Son of Luck.

This boy wasnt even at the Soul Palace Realm, clearly not a Son of Luck.

Master, it should be him

Ye Qingxuans cold and elegant face showed embarrassment and confusion.

She hadnt expected this after traveling so far.

It seems the problem lies with his fleeing master

If he cant traverse the stars, he cant leave Chiyan Ancient Star.

Jiang Minghan spoke calmly, Search everywhere, even if you have to dig three feet deep, bring him to me.

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