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Chapter 21: Breakthrough! Cultivating the Yang Flame Departure Technique

Ling Tian left Tianchi Holy Land.

Everything was going according to Lin Qians plan. Ling Tian even had a falling out with Zi Lianyou, giving Lin Qian another boost in villain points. His total villain points had now surpassed the thirty thousand mark!

Soon, a secret realm would open. Ling Tian, eager to increase his strength, would undoubtedly enter it. There, he would become nothing more than a treasure-seeking mouse, while Lin Qian reaped the rewards.

Before that, Lin Qian needed to prepare to receive the Nine Yang Sword. It contained the terrifying Nine Yang Divine Fire, rumored to be the flames of the Golden Crow, known for their destructive power. Just one flame could burn down a city!

Unfortunately, Ling Tian had no fire control techniques, recklessly releasing the flames like a brute, wasting Ling Yus energy without utilizing its full power.

Yang Flame Departure Technique: 10,000 Villain Points

A top-tier Heaven-grade fire control technique capable of controlling all the worlds different flames!

This was the most expensive and best fire control method in the system store. After exchanging for it, Lin Qian spent more villain points to cultivate the Yang Flame Departure Technique to the third level.

By the way, I wonder if villain points can help me cultivate my own technique?

Lin Qians main technique was called Sword Manifestation, the pinnacle technique of Beiyang Tianjian City and their foundation!

Ordinary people in Tianjian City could only cultivate it up to the third level. Beyond that required exceptional talent, and even being the Sword Emperors son offered no shortcuts!

Nine levels in total, each levels difference was like an insurmountable chasm! Currently, Lin Qian had only reached the third level. He tried to click on the upgrade button for the technique.

Do you want to spend 8,000 villain points to cultivate Sword Manifestation?

It really worked?

Lin Qian immediately confirmed! On his own, it would take years to progress, even with the sword bone. Elite elders in Tianjian City often spent decades or centuries without advancement.

Using villain points to enhance his strength directly and save years of time was incredible.

Sword energy soared to the sky, breaking through the clouds!

For those with the sword bone, every breakthrough was accompanied by a sword energy phenomenon. For those with a Dao physique, breakthroughs also caused significant disturbances.

Whats happening?

Tianchi Holy Master Su Yun was startled from his meditation. He saw a sword energy like a heavenly sword piercing the sky!

The Prince has made a breakthrough in his cultivation!

Indeed, it must be the Prince. The power of the sword bone is extraordinary!

This is terrifying even from afar, its dazzling.

Su Xuen, who was comprehending the Cold Jade Physique Technique, rushed out of her courtyard, looking up at the soaring sword energy.

The Princes last breakthrough wasnt long ago this speed is truly that of a Dao physique!

She silently cheered herself on, determined to quickly refine the Ice Qilin Essence Blood and achieve the Cold Jade Physique.

Sister Xuen, whats going on? Such a big commotion?

Seeing the purple-dressed girl who had suddenly arrived, Su Xuen narrowed her beautiful eyes. Zi Lianyou, dont you think youve been visiting Tianchi Holy Land too frequently lately? Coming every few days.

Well, I miss you, Sister Xuen, so I come to visit often!


As if Id believe that!

To outsiders, it was a spectacle, but to insiders, it was astonishing. None were more shocked than the Sword Guards who also cultivated Sword Manifestation.

If I remember correctly the Prince reached the third level just a month ago?

In just a month, he broke through to the fourth level? How is that possible!

Even the Sword Emperor took half a year back then!

The Princes talent is too terrifying.

This good news should be reported to Beiyang and the Sword Emperor. Ill take on this task!

No, Ill go!Yur favorite ovels at n/(v)el/bin(.)com

The white-robed Sword Guards began arguing over who would deliver the news. Everyone knew the Sword Emperor doted on his children. When his son broke through in cultivation, he would celebrate with a grand banquet for days.

Whoever delivered the news might receive a reward of techniques or divine powers, a significant gain.

Just then, another phenomenon occurred in the sky. Tianchi Holy Land seemed to become a giant vortex, drawing in the spiritual energy of the heavens and earth at a crazy speed. The entire holy land was shrouded in dense spiritual energy.

A Dao physique phenomenon!

Is this also caused by the Prince?

I dont know. Ive never seen such a phenomenon before!

Forcing such a vast range of spiritual energy to converge is too domineering

No time to waste, Ill report to the Sword Emperor immediately!

Hey, you

Lin Qian finished his breakthrough, feeling refreshed and his body brimming with spiritual energy, nearly overflowing.

Heaven Dominion Realm, peak.

He smiled wryly. Stop it already. With so much spiritual energy, I cant absorb it all. Disperse.

The spiritual energy scattered.

Lin Qians status panel had changed significantly.

Host: Lin Qian

Identity: Crown Prince of Beiyang, Tianlang Immortal Dynasty

Cultivation: Peak of Heaven Dominion Realm

Techniques: Sword Manifestation (Fourth Level), Yang Flame Departure Technique (Third Level)

Physique: Yang Dragon Dao Physique, Sword Bone

Divine Powers: Falling Moon God Sword, Heavenly Sword Finger, Thousand Swords to Court (First Level)

Storage: Fire Qilin Essence Blood

Villain Points: 3000

Luck: 50 (Black)

In the blink of an eye, several days passed. News of Lin Qians breakthrough had reached Beiyang Tianjian City.

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